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Qualitative Data Analysis at thesis.ae

 Qualitative Data analysis refers to the process of appraising accumulated data using logical and analytical logic to understand and study its components. The data is collected using the various tangible and intangible resources of an organization. In order to understand its workings, one needs to understand the nuances of basic data analysis techniques.

These techniques are broadly classified into two categories; quantitative and qualitative. If not done by professioanls sometimes this canlead to an immesne loss of resources. The highly trained professionals at thesis.ae know how to do this right.

This is because of the vast experience they have. The question how do you do data analysis can be answered in the following manner. Firstly, by sticking to the relevant factors, then performing analysis on this relevant data, creating a hypotheses based on facts, being prepared for not finding the significance, remembering that before analyzing the data, study the assumptions and finally selecting the analysis.

When you employ our services at thesis.ae, your business data can be analyzed in a very short time using our up-to-date online data analyzing tools. Data analysis is the most important part in research. There are several types of tools for data analysis and our professionals use every one of them. The top ones among these are KNIME, RapidMiner, and OpenRefine among others.

A data analyst’s job is translating numbers into English. In the workings of a business, every business accumulates data over a period of time. This data may include market trends, operational costs, sales figures etc. It is done by people who have a remarkable and solid experience at thesis.ae. They have over ten years of experience with more than a hundred qualified professionals doing an excellent job over the years. Data analysts  works with data to help businesses make better decisions in the future. They do this by using use powerful analyzing tools like the Microsoft Excel and Python and are extremely proficient at it.

Along with the data analysis diplomas, they also have the required skills to to do a superlative job. These skills include a high proficiency in Mathematics, ability to work methodically, quick decision making skills, be able to interpret and analyses data, proficiency in SQL, Oracle and such other programming languages.

With these skills and an in-depth knowledge of types of data analysis methods and programs, thesis.ae, gives you the best service possible.